HarenaLux – Lightweight grade granular

HarenaLux is an ultra lightweight, fine grade patent coated mineral with a granular size of approximately 1.0mm, capable of bonding all forms of hydrocarbon including fuels, oils and modified synthetics. 

The fine grade of HarenaLux gives the adsorbent a very large surface area which aids the bonding process of hydrocarbons and ensuring a quick and efficient capture of contamination.

HarenaLux has a number of features which make it a suitable choice for a wide range of uses, especially wet or waterborne environments. These are as follows;

  1. Effective on all forms of hydrocarbon – from low viscosity silicon oils to high viscosity bitumen and crudes.
  2. Full hydrocarbon capture – HarenaLux is able to successfully bond hydrocarbons whether in free phase, emulsified or vapour form.
  3. Non-leaching capability – HarenaLux mechanically bonds the hydrocarbon molecule to itself preventing leaching either at the spill source or later at disposal.
  4. Fully hydrophobic – HarenaLux will actively repel water meaning only the hydrocarbon contaminate will be removed, thereby reducing disposal cost.
  5. Fire retardant – HarenaLux is able to capture the vapour element of high volatile fuels which significantly reduces the risk of combustion.
  6. Lightweight – HarenaLux is ultra lightweight granular that will consistently float on a water surface.
  7. Indefinite shelf life – HarenaLux is not degraded by moisture or wet environmental conditions.

HarenaLux is available in 4kg woven polypropylene valve sacks. There are 48 sacks per pallet.


Adsorption (bonding) rates

A kilo of HarenaLux will bond approximately 2.5litres of pure hydrocarbon dependant on viscosity.

A 4kilo sack of HarenaLux will bond approximately 10litres of pure hydrocarbon dependant on viscosity

HarenaLux Applications

HarenaLux is designed for particular use in wet environments. Its lightweight design allows it to float consistently on a water surface, bonding any surface hydrocarbon contamination without impacting the water body itself.


(Bonding garage waste oil)

Hydrocarbons are contained within the highly oleophilic media and are isolated from the immediate surrounding water environment. Captured hydrocarbons will remain fully isolated, enabling ongoing removal of contaminate from the environment.

HarenaLux has a variety of uses beyond use as a loose granular media. See HarenaLux Cushions and HarenaLux Filter Range.


Any used product should be disposed of responsibly and in accordance with environmental requirements and legislation.


Used product has been Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) tested and classified as non-reactive due to its non-leaching feature. When disposing used product in a landfill environment, it would be a requirement to carry out further testing on any used product to be disposed in landfill, in order to achieve non-reactive disposal approval. Ordinarily, used product is disposed of as Hazardous waste.


Unused Harena is a naturally derived and inert product. Used product containing hydrocarbon will have a high calorific value. This makes it suitable for disposal by incineration for energy production. Incineration must be carried out at an approved facility.


Due to the non-leaching feature of the product, it is potentially possible to remediate by composting. The addition of appropriate heat and bacteria will allow for breakdown of the contained hydrocarbon by bacterial method over time. Used product must be composted in an isolated environment.


Bonded hydrocarbon has the potential to be recycled, although untested at this stage. A robust enough scrubber may remove/break the product coating, allowing the release of contained hydrocarbons back into the environment.