Harena Lux Filter Product Features

The Harena product range is simply the most effective and environment-friendly solution for fuel/oil spillage and containment that’s available on the market.

HarenaLux filter system

The HarenaLux filter is a size scalable filter capable of removing free hydrocarbon from a body of water. The HarenaLux filter is hydrocarbon specific, allowing clean water to pass through to discharge.

As hydrocarbon contaminated water is passed through the filter, the contaminating hydrocarbon is permanently bonded to the HarenaLux coating. Water molecules are unaffected by the filtration media and will pass through to successfully.

The benefits of a HarenaLux filter are as follows;


  1. Effective on most forms of hydrocarbon – from low viscosity silicon oils to higher viscosity crudes. Not effective on extremely viscous hydrocarbons such as bitumen, tar and heavy crude oil which may cause filter blockage.
  2. Non-leaching capability – HarenaLux filter mechanically bonds the hydrocarbon molecule to itself preventing leaching either at the filtration point or later at disposal.
  3. Available in a variety of sizes – The filter is available in a number of off the shelf sizes.
  4. Bespoke sizing available – Alternative sizing solutions are possible dependant on flow rates and pressure requirements. Talk to us about bespoke options.
  5. Replaceable cartridge – The HarenaLux filter contains a replaceable cartridge that is simple to remove and reduces the cost of ongoing use.
  6. Indefinite shelf life – HarenaLux is not degraded by moisture or wet environmental conditions.

Harena Filter Applications

The HarenaLux filter can be utilised for a number of different applications. These include some of the following.


A used HarenaLux filter contains environmentally hazardous material (hydrocarbons) and should be disposed of responsibly.

The HarenaLux media contained within the filter can be disposed of using the methods outlined below. The plastic elements of the filter cartridge can be cleaned and reused if required.



Used product has been Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) tested and classified as non-reactive due to its non-leaching feature. When disposing used product in a landfill environment, it would be a requirement to carry out further testing on any used product to be disposed in landfill, in order to achieve non-reactive disposal approval. Ordinarily, used product is disposed of as Hazardous waste.


Unused Harena is a naturally derived and inert product. Used product containing hydrocarbon will have a high calorific value. This makes it suitable for disposal by incineration for energy production. Incineration must be carried out at an approved facility.


Due to the non-leaching feature of the product, it is potentially possible to remediate by composting. The addition of appropriate heat and bacteria will allow for breakdown of the contained hydrocarbon by bacterial method over time. Used product must be composted in an isolated environment.


Bonded hydrocarbon has the potential to be recycled, although untested at this stage. A robust enough scrubber may remove/break the product coating, allowing the release of contained hydrocarbons back into the environment.

Bilge Cleaning

The HarenaLux filter can be utilised as an effective bilge filter to remove any residual hydrocarbon during regular bilge pump outs. Please see our industry partner for further information at www.bilgeaway.co.uk for further information or purchasing.

Industrial Process Applications

The HarenaLux filter can be a useful addition as part of an industrial waste water treatment process. The filter can be a useful addition for production or application where oils and hydrocarbons are used/involved as part of the process or treatment. These processes could include; Gulley waste processing, food production, fruit processing, oil recycling or production.

Interceptor Filtration / Water Polishing

HarenaLux filters can be utilised as a water polishing aid to guarantee the total removal of hydrocarbon from an interceptor before discharge to sewer. They can also be utilised pre interceptor to reduce/prevent loading of hydrocarbon through the interceptor thereby reducing the need for pump outs.

Forecourt Tank Cleaning

HarenaLux filtration can aid tank cleaning for forecourts and other facilities during remedial cleaning. Filters can be added as a polisher post the mobile interceptor, ensuring a more efficient system.

Adsorption (bonding) rates

The bonding rates will vary dependant on filter size.

A 25cm HarenaLux filter is able to bond approximately 500ml of pure undiluted hydrocarbon dependant on hydrocarbon viscosity.

A 50cm HarenaLux filter is able to bond approximately 1250ml of pure undiluted hydrocarbon dependant on hydrocarbon viscosity.

Larger filter options are available. Please talk to us to discuss your requirements.

HarenaLux filter system
HarenaLux filter system
HarenaLux filter system
HarenaLux filter system
HarenaLux filter system

"I think I can say that I have been impressed by the characteristics of Harena and see the opportunity for it to be used innovatively in pollution prevention settings, where particularly its ability to address hydrocarbon contamination, including vapour risks, is a welcome addition to the incident management toolbox. In relation to surface clean-up, prevention of oil based materials getting into drainage systems and managing spillage events in re-fuelling areas the product offers an interesting addition to aid safe design."

(Ground & contaminated land – technical specialist)

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