HarenaLux cushions are a unique, specialist NEW product that is able to remove
contaminating hydrocarbons including vapours from a variety of environments. Each cushion contains a quantity of our HarenaLux lightweight grade granular, encased in a uniquely coated inner cushion. Both the granular and inner cushion are fully hydrophobic and oleophilic. The inner cushion is enclosed with a lightweight outer wrap composed of non-woven polypropylene fabric that enables hydrocarbons to pass through readily to the inner cushion whilst inhibiting the progression of water.  The cushion is finished with a large
25mm metal eyelet to assist with product placement and recovery when easy access is problematic.

HarenaLux Cushions

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The HarenaLux cushion has a number of features that include the following;

1 – Effective on most forms of hydrocarbon – from low viscosity silicon oils to higher viscosity crudes. Not effective on extremely viscous hydrocarbons such as bitumen,
tar and heavy crude oil.

2 – Full hydrocarbon capture – HarenaLux cushions are able to successfully bond hydrocarbons whether in free phase, emulsified or vapour form.

3 – Non-leaching capability – HarenaLux cushions mechanically bonds the hydrocarbon
molecule to itself preventing leaching either at the spill source or later at disposal.

4 – Fully hydrophobic – HarenaLux cushions will actively repel water meaning only the hydrocarbon contaminates will be removed, thereby reducing disposal cost.

5 – Fire retardant – HarenaLux cushions are able to capture the vapour element of high
volatile fuels which significantly reduces the risk of combustion.

6 – Lightweight (floats) – HarenaLux is a lightweight cushion that will consistently float on a water surface.

7 – Indefinite shelf life – HarenaLux is not degraded by moisture or wet environmental conditions.

Adsorption (bonding) rates

HarenaLux cushions are available in packs of 5 units. Each cushion is able to successfully bond up to 3litres of fluid hydrocarbon dependant on viscosity.

HarenaLux Cushions are able to bond pure hydrocarbon vapours that are present with high volatile fuels such as petrol.

HarenaLux Cushion Applications

The HarenaLux cushion is suited to a number of different applications. These are outlined below;

Spill response and control

HarenaLux cushions are perfectly designed for removing hydrocarbon contamination from a water surface.

HarenaLux Cushions
HarenaLux Cushions
HarenaLux Cushions

(The photos above highlight bonding of transformer mineral oil at Biggleswade Primary site)

The images shown clearly show the benefits that a HarenaLux cushion can provide to a spill response and control scenario. A discriminatory pump has failed due to the presence of mineral oil within the water in a transformer interceptor. The application of HarenaLux cushions removed the contamination allowing the pump to work effectively. The ingress of contaminates was further contained by utilising the cushions as an ongoing control measure.

Fuel Forecourt Vapour Control

The HarenaLux cushion is effective on hydrocarbon vapours as well as liquid. Trials have highlighted an ability to bond highly volatile gasoline within a forecourt tank chamber.

HarenaLux Cushions

In the scenario above, cushions were placed in a gasoline tank chamber that had a leaking lid gasket. Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) was above readable scale before the trial commenced. Cushions were able to lower the LEL reading to a safe 12% despite the ongoing leak.

The evidence of this trial highlights the health and safety benefits of the HarenaLux cushion, both from an engineer’s perspective when carrying out repairs, and significantly improves public safety in the meantime

The evidence of this trial highlights the health and safety benefits of the HarenaLux cushion, both from an engineer’s perspective when carrying out repairs, and significantly improves public safety in the meantime

Ethanol Control – Acetic acid corrosion prevention

Laboratory testing strongly suggests that the HarenaLux cushion is able to bond ethanol both as a liquid and as a vapour. Further definitive testing is ongoing but initial testing appears to highlight how the HarenaLux cushion may add benefit in the removing the food source (ethanol) for Acetobactor. Removal of ethanol may inhibit the production of acetic acid by acetobactor, thereby preventing the acid corrosion of metal alloys in fuel tank chambers.


Any used product should be disposed of responsibly and in accordance with environmental requirements and legislation.

Used cushions are classified as hazardous waste and should be disposed of appropriately. The used HarenaLux lightweight granular within the cushion could be removed and disposed of using alternative methods (see HarenaLux lightweight grade granular page)