HarenaLux Cushions

HarenaLux cushions are a unique, specialist NEW product that is able to remove
contaminating hydrocarbons including vapours from a variety of environments.

Each cushion contains a quantity of our HarenaLux lightweight grade granular, encased in a uniquely coated inner cushion. Both the granular and inner cushion are fully hydrophobic and oleophilic. The inner cushion is enclosed with a lightweight outer wrap composed of non-woven polypropylene fabric that enables hydrocarbons to pass through readily to the inner cushion whilst inhibiting the progression of water. The cushion is finished with a large
25mm metal eyelet to assist with product placement and recovery when easy access is problematic.

The HarenaLux cushion has a number of features that include the following;

  1. Effective on most forms of hydrocarbon – from low viscosity silicon oils to higher
    viscosity crudes. Not effective on extremely viscous hydrocarbons such as bitumen,
    tar and heavy crude oil.
  2. Full hydrocarbon capture – HarenaLux cushions are able to successfully bond
    hydrocarbons whether in free phase, emulsified or vapour form.
  3. Non-leaching capability – HarenaLux cushions mechanically bonds the hydrocarbon
    molecule to itself preventing leaching either at the spill source or later at disposal.
  4. Fully hydrophobic – HarenaLux cushions will actively repel water meaning only the
    hydrocarbon contaminate will be removed, thereby reducing disposal cost.
  5. Fire retardant – HarenaLux cushions are able to capture the vapour element of high
    volatile fuels which significantly reduces the risk of combustion.
  6. Lightweight (floats) – HarenaLux is lightweight cushion that will consistently float on
    a water surface.
  7. Indefinite shelf life – HarenaLux is not degraded by moisture or wet environmental