Harena Product Range

The Harena product range is simply the most effective and environment friendly solution for fuel/oil spillage and containment that’s available on the market.

Harena Products
Harena Products

The Product Range

A New Line of 4 New and Exciting Products

Harena – Heavyweight grade granular

The fine grade of Harena gives the adsorbent a very large surface area which aids the bonding process of hydrocarbons and ensuring a quick and efficient capture of contamination.

HarenaLux – Lightweight grade granular

HarenaLux is an ultra lightweight, fine grade patent coated mineral with a granular size of approximately 1.0mm, capable of bonding all forms of hydrocarbon including fuels, oils and modified synthetics.

HarenaLux Cushions

HarenaLux cushions are a unique, specialist NEW product that is able to remove
contaminating hydrocarbons including vapours from a variety of environments.

HarenaLux filter range

The HarenaLux filter is a size scalable filter capable of removing free hydrocarbon from a body of water. The HarenaLux filter is hydrocarbon specific, allowing clean water to pass through to discharge.

What Is Harena?

Harena is a specialist range of products capable of bonding hydrocarbon molecules typically found in fuels and oils, isolating those contaminating molecules from the immediate surrounding environment. The Harena range consists of a variety of granular products, cushions and filters.

The Harena range of products function differently to traditional absorbent materials that are readily available, In fact, the Harena range do not absorb at all. Instead they use a unique patented coating to mechanically bond the hydrocarbon molecule. This ensures that captured contamination will not leach and become a hazard either at the original source or later at disposal. The Harena product range is an environmentally friendly solution for hazardous hydrocarbons control.

Harena Products

Harena Changing The World

The Harena range is a complete hydrocarbon capture solution as it is able to successfully bond free phase, emulsified and vapour. 

The Harena range is hydrocarbon specific and will only target and bond the hydrocarbon molecule. Fully hydrophobic, the range will actively repel water. This makes it suitable for effective contamination control in all weather conditions and environments. Cost to user is also reduced as only the hydrocarbon contaminated is captured. 

The Harena range is a superior environmentally friendly solution due to the non-leaching capability of the granular products.

The hydrophobic function of the Harena gives the range an indefinite shelf life as it will not degrade due to environmental conditions.

Harena Applications

Applications Harena has many varied applications from oil and fuel spillage to flood defence and property protection. Applications include: Tank & Pipe Bunding Fuel and oil spillage Highway and accident safety Aviation and airport safety Polymer spillage Environmental cleanup – land and water.

Harena Products

“I think I can say that I have been impressed by the characteristics of Harena and see the opportunity for it to be used innovatively in pollution prevention settings, where particularly its ability to address hydrocarbon contamination, including vapour risks, is a welcome addition to the incident management toolbox. In relation to surface clean-up, prevention of oil based materials getting into drainage systems and managing spillage events in re-fuelling areas the product offers an interesting addition to aid safe design.”

(Ground & contaminated land – technical specialist)

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